Taylor was diagnosed with a very rare auto-immune disease called
dermatomyositis on Dec. 13th, 2009; while there is not a cure,
remission is possible with early and aggressive treatment...
This is Taylor's Mission to Remission.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Vote, Vote, and Vote again :)

Hey there everyone... this post is for CureJM!!! We have to tell you, if we haven't already made it clear, that without CureJM, we would not have found her specialists down in Chicago that have completely turned around her course of treatment and have changed Taylor's situation for the best!! We just can't put into words what the support and information has meant to us and other JDM famlies!

Here's the scoop...every month, Pepsi is awarding $250K to 2 organizations that can stir up the most votes in the month of July...you can vote everyday...everyone in your house hold can vote everyday, just as long as they are over 13!

Cure JM is ranked 17 at this time...yesterday it was at 35!!!!!!! Trust that every single vote will count and every single vote gets the organization closer to $250K that will move mountains to fund research for a cure!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your help!

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